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but have times changed? >> defending freedom. good night america. >> good evening, i'm bret baier and this is a fox news alert. the florida pastor who ignited a huge controversy with plans to burn copies of the koran on the 9/11 anniversary had a change of heart. eric shawn is live, good evening. >> reporter: sparked criticism around the world and by the president of the united states. the planned burning of the koran by pastor terry jones. president obama denounced it as quote, a recruitment bonanza for al-qaeda and in a news conference, jones says he's calling off the burning. we spoke with defense secretary robert gates briefly on the telephone who expressed concern about the plan, but a
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spokesman said the defense secretary received no assurances from jones. jones also at a news conference claimed he did speak with imam raul, the spiritual leader of the so-called ground zero mosque who jones says now plans to move the project, but an official of park 51 islamic center near ground zero says that claim is not true, that the islamic center is moving ahead as planned, and sponsors say they do not have any plans to meet with pastor jones. nevertheless, an imam who was with the pastor in florida say they plan to fly to new york on saturday for a meeting with the mosque sponsors. here is what pastor jones says. >> the american people do not want the mosque there and of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque, we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him.
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>> reporter: well, the pastor's claims about imam rauf seem completely at odds with what the imam said on a television interview last night. >> the spiritual leader behind the so-called ground zero mosque claims not building it is now a matter of national security. imam rauf says if that opponents have their way, forcing the project to be moved or abandoned that would only inflame muslim radicals and endanger american lives. >> our national security now, it hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about it and what we do. >> he says had he known the project would have generated such opposition he would not have proposed it in the first place, but now, it's too late. >> if we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. >> reporter: opponents such
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as 9/11 family member debra burlingame views this as a threat. >> the imam was very, very clear, connecting the dots between what happens at ground zero and extremism. basically, a threatening at a minimum, it was an ultimatum saying if you make me move this mosque, you will see bloodshed. >> reporter: on wednesday, the fbi said that multiple ongoing controversies impacting u.s. muslim communities may serve to polarize public opinion and fuel islamic extremist rhetoric and the fbi currently has no specific credible information that international terrorist organizations are planning action against the united states because of these events. others doubt terrorists will be motivated if the project is moved. >> people who are inspired to commit acts of terrorism are driven by things much deeper than the location of a mosque or a community center or whatever you want to call this
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thing. you know, they have issues with the united states and with people who are not muslims that go far beyond this. >> reporter: meanwhile, the center of another islamic controversy was honored by german chancellor angela merkel. she presented danish cartoonist westerguard the picture of the profit mohammed sparked in 2006 with a press freedom award. meanwhile, the imam rauf will speak on monday before the prestigious council of foreign relations in new york city to defend the plan and late today donald trump weighed in saying he'll offer one of the developers 25% more than he paid for the building if they agree to move the mosque five more blocks away from ground zero, but the lawyer from that investor called the offer quote, just a cheap attempt to get publicity and get in the limelight. bret. >> bret: we'll continue to follow it all. eric, thank you. how is the mosque controversy playing with muslims overseas?
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correspondent greg palkot reports from paris. one islamic leader is calling for a conciliatory approach. >> reporter: call to prayer at the grand mosque on the left bank of paris. it's the biggest and most important mosque in france. its head is the moderate, denounces 9/11 terror and as this to say about the planned site of the so-called ground zero mosque. >> i think if american people and especially new yorkers citizen see that as a provocation, i think that the reason, the wisdom has to not to be there, but to build it anywhere in another place. >> france and europe have their own issues with islam. a french law is controversial, mosque building can be contentious, terror is problem and far right anti-muslim groups are on the rise. no wonder, says the editor of
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france's leading news magazine, there's not a isln islam-phobe stones being thrown right now. >> and so far, though we don't-- we are not going to give letters to the americans icht. >> glenn: . >> reporter: as for the worshippers say they should go ahead and echoes the moderate line. >> why shouldn't we follow our faith, says this man. >> reporter: another idea suggested by those here and backed by the leader of the planned new york mosque that other religions share space there, even across the atlantic, the pain of 9/11 is shared as well. in paris, greg palkot, fox news. >> bret: u.s. marine commandos have taken control of a german-owned cargo vessels held by pirates off the somali coast without a shot. gunmen at mogadishu airport,
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in raids on the capital city. what is believed to have been an american missile strike killed five suspected militants in northwestern pakistan, the fourth such attack in the region in the past 24 hours. meanwhile, militants have stepped up attacks in that country with four large explosions killing at least 135 people in less than a week. iran says it will release one of the three american hikers who have been detained on espionage charges for more than a year. and also today, iranian exiles expose what they say is a previously secret uranium enrichment facility being built in the side of an iranian mountain. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the specifics. >> reporter: these satellite images from more than six years ago show nothing, but mountains near a military base near tehran. today theres a complicated tunnel system built into the side of the mountain. according to a group of iranian exiles who in 2002 revealed a hidden facility for
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uranium enrichment inside iran and catching u.s. intelligence and the iaea flat-footed at the time. >> there's this huge underground site built under the tunnels. huge casket halls underground to run secret uranium enrichment program, and certainly not for peaceful purposes. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence sources confirmed they've had their eyes on the facility via satellite for the past four years, but at this point say there's no reason to think it's a nuclear facility. the new tunnels snake for 200 yards and 20 yards wide according to the exile group and appear similar to those in a facility that u.s. intelligence discovered near the iranian town of comb a year ago. >> i can't speak to the claims of this particular group. we haven't seen them, i don't know how valid they are. i don't know that it would necessarily be surprising that there are, we've long talked about there being multiple sites that are of concern to us.
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>> reporter: the mujaheddin who made the revelations today they do not have evidence that the centrifuges have been moved into the facility. >> the fact that this was hidden underground, requires very difficult construction, so that's probably another indication this is the military in control and a further piece of evidence that it's a weapons program. >> reporter: meantime, the iranian regime announced today it would release one of three american hikers imprisoned by the government of tehran. sarah shored will be released in the early hours of september 11th which happens to coincide with the muslim holiday ede. it's important to point out when they've made goodwill gestures and no officials confirming this is a new nuclear site, but they're still watching it. bret. >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon tonight. thank you. the mexican government is denying at that surging drug violence has left the country
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battling insurgency similar to colombia two decades ago. secretary of state hillary clinton made the comparison. >> we face an increasing threat from a well-organized network, drug trafficking threat that is in some cases morphing into or making common cause with what we would consider an insurgency in mexico and in central america. >> bret: the national security advisor to mexico's president says while there are some similarities there is a big difference between modern day mexico and colombia of 20 years ago. as we told you at the top of the newscast, the pastor-- who is responsible for the escalation, text to 36288 sr 1 for reverend terry jones.
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sr 2 for the obama administration or sr 3 for the news media. we'll bring you the results at the end of the show. up next, the continuing battle of the bush era tax cuts.
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>> president obama has now admitted that his party could be in big trouble this fall because of the sluggish economy and he's not apparently not ready to go along with some republicans and some democrats to extend business friendly tax cuts. white house correspondent wendell goler is on the economic beat tonight. >> reporter: a larger than expected decline in people filing unemployment claims last week and a welcome drop in the trade deficit in july eased fears the countries could be slipping back in recession, but there was no celebration at the white
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house. instead aides commended the president's refusal to extend all bush administration tax cuts including throws for the well-to-do. >> i'm saying that we cannot afford 700 million dollars in tax cuts for millionaires, yes, for billionaires, for multi-billionaires. >> reporter: the president wants to extend the cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year, but republicans say not extending all the cuts would mean a tax hike for hundreds of thousands of small businesses, which would likely hold down their hiring, and some economists believe the recovery is not strong enough yet to stand it. >> it looks like layoffs or slowing a bit, but we're really not seeing the pickup in hiring we need to see a strong economy. we're just not there yet. >> reporter: a half dozen house democrats say they could support a temporary extension of the upper income tax cuts and so does nebraska democratic senator ben nelson, but the white house says even a temporary extension is too expensive and treasury secretary tim geithner told fox business network, the country wouldn't get enough in return. >> it's not going to do much for growth. it's not going to do much for
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businesses, it's not going to help people get back to work. >> reporter: the economy has dominated the president's week with speeches in milwaukee and a suburb of cleveland and plans to talk about it before a news conference friday. in an interview on abc's good morning america, mr. obama admitted economic worries may hurt democrats in november. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy as it currently is, then we're not going to do well because i think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it's been doing. >> reporter: republicans are determined to keep the spotlight where it is, the senate g.o.p. today noting mr. obama himself said last year, quote, the last they think you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession and house minority leader john boehner asking almost daily, where are the jobs. the white house doesn't believe a temporary extension of the bush administration's upper income tax cut would do more than buy republicans time to try to make them permanent, but officials don't believe that lawmakers will vote
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against the tax cuts for the middle class which affect 98% of the country to try and protect the tax cuts for the well-to-do. bret. >> bret: we'll have full coverage of the president's news conference tomorrow at 11 here on fox. wendell, thank you. the markets reacted positively today to today's economic news. the dow gained 28, the s&p 500 was up 5 and nasdaq finished ahead 7. many americans who have their nest eggs locked up in 401(k)'s are being forced to raid those plans in order to pay bills now. chief washington correspondent jim angle reports on the sacrifice of long-term stability for short-term necessity. >> reporter: the rough economy is taking its toll, pushing a record number of people to take money out of their retirement plan. >> i would say the number one reason is a foreclosure. what you have is, you have two income families, one person loses their job and both people's income was necessary to make the mortgage payment. >> reporter: this july marked the 17th consecutive month that foreclosure activity exceeded 300,000 homes.
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beth mccue of fidelity says that's had a key reason more people are tapping their 401(k)'s. >> the last six months we did see an up tick in loan requests to prevent a foreclosure. >> reporter: an uptick from about 20% to 22% of 401(k) participants. there are two ways to pull money out of 401(k)'s. one is simply to borrow from your own savings. >> 401(k) loans are accessible compared to any other individual credit to this point. it's more available and the interest rates are far lower. >> reporter: even better it's your money. >> rather than borrowing from a bank or putting the amount on a credit card, you're actually borrowing the money from yourself and as a result, you are then paying yourself back. >> reporter: and at much lower interest rates. >> the typical plan of interest rate is, is prime plus one. so, it's much lower than 14 or 15%, which is what you would pay on a credit card.
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>> reporter: the other way to tap your 401(k) is through a hardship withdrawal. >> hardship is the last resort and for individuals who have an immediate financial need. >> reporter: hardship withdrawals are regulated by the irs because the money in a 401(k) never had taxes taken out and the irs allows withdrawal to avoid forecast, college expenses, funeral expenses and finally to purchase a primary residence and they have to pay taxes on withdrawals as well as a 10% penalty. >> so the numbers for 401(k) hardships are small given the overall population, about 2.2%. >> reporter: people need to save more in 401(k)'s because with government living beyond its means and people living 30 years beyond when they retire they'd be foolish to count on government programs for all the support. bret. >> bret: jim, thank you. we'll have updates on two senate races where blue could easily turn red and later, planned parenthood is red in the face over a
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whistleblower's claims.
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>> just 54 days to go until the mid terms and voters in ohio will choose a new senator, among other races, chief political correspondent carl cameron looks where the senate race stands right now. >> reporter: ohio's open u.s. senate seat is a tossup battle over jobs. >> i'm running for senate, u.s. senate. >> reporter: both republican, a former congressman and bush administration official and democrat lee fisher, ohio's lt. governor have targeted records and hold nothing back against the other. >> it's important the status quo and people are looking for a change, something new. >> reporter: fisher is a
6:24 pm
strong obama backer and blames the economy nationwide and in ohio on the bush years in port mouth. and in 2006 when the democrats reclaimed the house majority ortman was directing the office of management. >> and on any race in america would be portman. >> reporter: and he's pounding portman for the other job as trade representative he negotiated with other countries. >> congressman rob portman knows how to grow the economy in china. he voted for billions in taxes for companies exporting jobs. >> reporter: and jobs are in charge of state economic development, the buckeye state budget is 8 billion dollars in the red and unemployment's been in double digit for months. >> fisher says hold him accountable for his job record. how is he doing? nearly 400,000 jobs lost, with a regard number moving to
6:25 pm
other states. >> reporter: republicans need to defends their senate seats and defeat ten more democrats to get the majority. tossups and trail in the polls in 11 states. and here in ohio, democratic attempts to bring down portman by associating him with president bush may not be workering. the polling public policy company, ohioens have who do they prefer fob president right now, george w. bush or barack obama, bush won by eight points, bret. >> bret: and gorgeous view in cuyahoga falls, carl cameron, thanks. wisconsin voters will decide whether they want to have a new senator or send incumbent russ fine gold back to washington. a surprisingly tough fight for a popular democrat. >> work for us. >> reporter: the blue collar appeal of wisconsin democrat russ finegold was on display
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at a labor day parade. >> and the union friendly, u.s. senator knows wisconsin's blue collar workers have been taking their lumps and other states have higher unemployment than wisconsin's 7.8%, but in the last decade the state lost 170,000 manufacturing jobs, of those who are still working almost one in four earn wages at that still leave them below the poverty line. feingold says that bad votes are behind the jobs, but that's not him. >> people who voted for the trade agreements shouldn't be reelected. people who voted for wall street bailouts and tarp maybe shouldn't be reelected. i voted against those things. >> reporter: he is running unopposed and says that the chances of reelection are good. the mayor isn't so sure. >> the best indicator how tough it is is almost none of the polls have him above 50%. >> reporter: the clear politics average of public polls going back to late june have the contest a statistical
6:27 pm
tie with first time candidate ron johnson. i knew the senator was vulnerable. >> reporter: he's the prohibitive favor in the g.o.p. primary and spent largely on tv ads and johnson wants to cap spending, extend the bush tax cuts and undo the health care overhaul. >> you're not going to be able to get repeal with president obama in office, but i think if you gain one of the houses, you certainly could stop funding the bill and you can stop its implementation. >> reporter: and the fact that this race is this close this late, makes it one to watch. in manitawok. steve brown. >> bret: here is the poll question again, who do you think is most responsible for the escalation of the koran burning controversy, you can text to 36288, sr 1 for reverend terry jones. 2 for the obama administration or sr 3 for the news media. to bring you the results at the end of the show.
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>> and now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. florida's hot senate race has just taken an interesting turn. the miami herald reports democratic candidate meek's campaign is sending out e-mails charlie crist to conservative.
6:32 pm
one of lindsey graham's endorsement of kris from may of last year before he left the party. some didn't realize the endorsement was old news and treated it as new news. meek's says the endorsement is relevant, quote, it highlights krist's conservative record and may have left the republican party to avoid the primary, he's still a conservative, he still has those views on some issues and that's why we're doing them. a career to the aide to democratic senator barbara boxer has gone up in smoke. capitol police say the senior advisor marcus stanley tried to hide an item he took out of his pocket while entering a senate office building tuesday. authorities say the item was marijuana. a spokesperson for boxer said the senator has accepted the aide's resignation calling his actions wrong and unacceptable. stanley is the second boxer staffer to have legal issues.
6:33 pm
senior policy advisor was fired two years ago after his arrest on a child pornography charge. president obama has a new czar. former indiana national resources chief john goss is the carp czar. no joke, he will lead an 80 million dollar campaign to control asian carp in the great lakes, they threaten other fish population and have no natural predators inside the u.s. illinois democrat senator dick durbin sounded the battle cry on the war on carp saying quote, this is a serious challenge, a serious threat. we are in full attack, full speed ahead mode. we want to stop this carp from advancing we counted and goss is the 41st czar president obama has appointed since taking office. the family planning group, planned parenthood is facing questions about its own financial planning. correspondent shannon bream reports it has to do with how much of your money the group
6:34 pm
receives. >> reporter: a former chief financial officer for planned parenthood of los angeles has turned whistleblower. alleging he saw overbilling he estimates cost taxpayers more than 180 million dollars in grossly inflated reimbursement payments collected from state and federal agencies. >> what planned parenthood was doing, according to the complaint, was buying things at a discount and then marking them up fairly high percentage, as a result overbilling the government. >> reporter: for example, in documents he filed under oath in federal court, victor gonzalez says in one year planned parenthood of los angeles 226,000 dollars for one specific birth control pill it was providing and charged the government 918,000 and profited to the tune of $692,000. government audits in new jersey and washington state uncovered similar practices. gonzalez's attorney is urging government agencies that financially support planned parenthood to defund the
6:35 pm
organization. the watch dog groups like citizens against government waste say it's tough to make that happen. >> there ought to be a much more stringent and robust infrastructure there to terminate people's contracts for misuse of the funds. >> reporter: the state of california did audit a single planned parenthood affiliate based in san diego and found overbilling of more than 5.2 million dollars in a two year period, but never asked that the money be repaid. as to gonzalez's claims, planned parenthood affiliates much california says, quote, the allegations in the lawsuit are false and were addressed by the state of california long ago. as evidence of the overbilling surfaced in california, a state law was passed that now allows planned parenthood to drastically markup its reimbursement requests after the organization convinced state lawmakers it could not survive financially without those markups. the whistleblower claims pre-date that law and after a recent procedural victory at the 9th circuit are now set to be litigated. in washington, shannon bream,
6:36 pm
fox news. >> bret: a change of heart about burning the koran. we'll talk about that, and the latest on the mosque near ground zero when the fox allstars join me after the break. coop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save.
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mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. >> this is a recruitment bonanza for al-qaeda. you know, you could have serious violence in places like pakistan or afghanistan. >> the american people do not want the mosque there and of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque, we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> bret: that's terry jones announcing that they will not have a koran burning this saturday, mark the 9/11 anniversary.
6:40 pm
defense secretary robert gates actually called the pastor of this church, as 50 con grants this afternoon urging him not to do it because men and women in uniform would be at risk and then he came out and said he wouldn't do it, but also said the mosque in new york is going to be moved. something that the supporters up there say is not going to happen, at least not yet. the first reaction we had was former governor sarah palin, fox news contributor, tweeted just a moment ago, book burner stands down, good. now followers of book who want to kill innocents because some people do things you don't agree withstand down. only reaction so far. let's bring in our panel. jonah goldberg, national editor of national view online and amy, and charles krauthammer. what's your take on reverend jones' announcement. >> i think it's becoming clear that reverend jones is a half
6:41 pm
a friday short of a happy meal. everybody should condemn it, nobody should be burning korans anywhere, but i'm feeling an odd sort of outrage at the way this debate has turned out and a lot of sympathy for an unlikely person. ari fleischer. remember the incredible debate when ari fleischer said shortly after 9/11 that we should watch what we say in this country when a congressman said something bigoted and bill morris said something stupid. frank rich said that was a more significant event than 9/11 itself. it would set the chilling effect, the terrorists have won because we're clamping down on free speech and now we are we've got the secretary of defense calling a minister telling him not to do this. the white house saying in effect that you know, if we let this guy do it, the terrorists will win and kill more people those kinds of arguments with considered absolutely i don'tened the pale when it came to free speech under george bush and
6:42 pm
now a perfectly fine argument to make and now all of a sudden it's all right to make it. >> bret: the administration argues if it saves one life it's worth the phone call and things are heating up overseas just by the talk of this burning. that said, this phone call, you know, it's to one pastor with 50 congregants who says there aren't others who will get the same idea? >> it doesn't matter how much parishioners they have. if it makes news around the world and in some cases in afghanistan, indonesia and other places and merit a warning like this from general petraeus that this puts our men and women in danger, i think the fact that the administration inserted itself into this was absolutely necessary and i don't understand anyone criticizing them for doing so. these people are going to get a microphone and get themselves on cable no matter what and if this indeed
6:43 pm
becomes a danger and a threat, i don't see why the state department and the department of defense and the president of the united states, when asked about it, cannot share their displeasure as sarah palin or anybody else. >> bret: okay, just an abc talked to the imam in new york with the proposed mosque, he says that he's glad the pastor jones, this is imam rauf, he's glad that pastor jones decided not to burn any korans, however, i have not spoken with him. i'm surprised by their announcement, we're not going to toy with our religion or any other, nor are we going to bartter. they're saying there's no deal to move the proposed mosque in new york near ground zero. what about that whole thing? >> well, now we know that jones was right, the man is a kook and a crank and obviously, dilutional. he needs counseling and not the spiritual sort, to say medical authority on these
6:44 pm
conditions and i think he's gotten inif i nightly more attention than he deserves. i think the real outrage was the interview that imam rauf gave earlier this week in which he said that-- >> last night, yeah. >> last night, i think you've got some tape of it, i could say to myself, if we don't do this right, that means not handling the mosque issue, meaning if you force me to move it, anger will explode in the muslim world and americans could be hurt. now, either the man is excessively naive or that is an act of blackmail out and outright blackmail. he's saying unless i get my way on this issue, there are muslims out there, i'm the moderate and they're of course extreme, but they will act in the name of me and of my religion and we'll attack americans. now, i don't think that's doing argue about this issue. there have been a lot of
6:45 pm
arguments on the mosque. i've been in a lot of them. it's about freedom of expression, it's about right and decency and sanctity, it's not about the fear of attacks on us, if america acts the wrong way, that's not the way it ought to be done. i think it's disgraceful that he plays that card in this debate. and if you want to believe he's naive, he said himself as well that had he imagined any of this would happen, he would not have had the idea of the mosque in the first place. well, now that he knows, he ought to stop threatening that muslims around the world are going to attack americans unless he gets his way. >> bret: jonah, he also said that the anger could be much bigger than the danish cartoon crisis which attacks on danish embassies, obviously in various parts of the muslim world. >> i agree with charles that that aspect was outrageous and i think he compounds the outrageousness of it also in the interview what i'm trying to do is take back the debate from the extremists on both sides and in his formulation
6:46 pm
of it essentially says that the peaceful democratic protesters who conceded that they have a right to build the mosque are the same-- are the moral equivalent of the extremists who are going to kill people in all the muslim countries around the world. it's an absolute category error, more than apples and oranges, it's a repugnant way of framing things to somehow say that the democratic opponents of this thing in the united states are-- can be equated with the violent muslim extremists around the world and these kind of debates are never going to end as long as we have youtube, this is going to be coming around and might as well figure how to deal with these things. >> bret: quickly, donald trump saying he wants to offer more money to get this thing to move. everybody is getting in on this. >> this isn't-- it's just, you know, i can't stand the story it's not going to end well. i think both sides are a little bit right and a little bit wrong. and so, i-- it's like i said, it's not going to end well. i do think if you look at this koran burning story combined with the mosque debate, and you look at what we're doing overseas, what we're doing in
6:47 pm
afghanistan, trippling down there in the 9th year of a war, trying to stabilize a muslim country, trying to win their hearts and minds and what they see over here undermines our sacrifices there and that's how i feel about both incidents. >> bret: okay, up next, iran's previously secret uranium enrichment facility and the promised release of an american prisoner and check out our website as well. welcome to progressive. nice calculator. i'm just trying to save money on my car insurance. you know, with progressive, you get the option to name your price. is that even possible?
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>> there's this huge underground site built under the tunnels, huge casket halls underground, tehran secret uranium enrichment program, certainly not for peaceful purposes. this is a serious revelation far greater than the revelation in the site at koom
6:51 pm
near tehran. >> i don't know that there would necessarily be surprising that-- we've long talked there being multiple sites that are of concern to us. >> bret: and this is the site. satellite photos of a site about 80 miles west of tehran, running exiles, a group revealed in 2002, the facility that caught u.s. intelligence off guard then. pointing to these pictures today of a complex series of of tunnels built in the side of a mountain where they say the military in iran has moved forward with a nuclear facility underground and very protected. what about all of this, iran policy and where we are today? we're back with the panel, charles? >> i find remarkable the reaction of the state department spokesman which we just saw in which he says, well--
6:52 pm
>> defense department. >> i'm sorry, the defense department. we're not surprised, it's another site of concern. this is unbelievable how the placidity of the language used here. this is another piece of undeniable evidence that iran is pursuing a bomb and we persist in all of our statements about speaking about the ambiguity, is iran living up to its obligations, honoring the iaea requirements of course it's not. every everyone knows that and we pretend it's a matter of speculation and ambiguity. the reason we're doing that and denying the importance of this huge underground site, which could be extremely useful in developing a bomb, is because it would make the administration have to face reality. ie, either go for huge, very strong sanctions, probably unilateral, we're not going to get the russians and chinese in on this, but american and
6:53 pm
western, or seriously, at least, threatening or talking about a military attack and if you want to be multi-lateral about this, bringing in the french, the president of france has spoke been how unacceptable a bomb is, or the uae, the ambassador said it's unacceptable, worse than iran having a bomb than attack on iran and have a meeting of high level americans, french, uae and others satisfying this is unacceptable and at least a military option ought to be considered. that at least what we ought to be thinking about and stop speaking in these very, very soft and absurd terms about the iranian program. >> bret: the same time, the iranian announced it will release one of the american hikers charged with espionage there, sarah shourd is supposed to be released early hours on saturday and there you see her september 11th also the muslim holiday ied.
6:54 pm
and that, also, the policy decisions charles is talking about, what about the administration, what lies ahead? >> well, obviously, the question of a military strike and that coming from israel looms at this-- looming soon. the administration, when the late latest iaea report came out saying that iran had the complete blockade of inspectors and will not divulge information for the process they're creating a nuclear weapon, the administration said that they continues-- the united states is under unprecedented growing pressure as long as iran goes on its path the leaders will continue isolation. what is isolation to iran. just because the japanese are not selling as much refined gasoline as before, they're continuing well on the way and the report about the facility shows it's not only well protected in terms of placement in the mountain side to fortify itself against aerial strike, but it's
6:55 pm
well-funded and the secrets are being kept and then you look at the fact that they have infiltrated the afghan government in order to pay off the taliban to kill u.s. soldiers there, they're doing well with all of their goals. so, what does isolation mean? >> quickly. >> i think there is an other worldly aspect to this. the country is world weary, obama has no interest in doing anything with any steel to it and we have a report mentioned from the times of london saying that the iranians are paying the taliban bounties, a thousand dollars a head for american bodies and that should alarm people and give us a sense of the nature of the regime. >> bret: that's it for the panel and we'll talk about it again for sure. stay tuned for a news anchor caught up in the moment. @=h
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
thanks for your votes. we had more than 8,000 of them tonight. finally, tonight, here in the kicker segment we often show you how newscasters say some odd things and caught in strange circumstances on air, sometimes anchors get tickled by what they're showing and that can be a slippery slope. >> now, the suitcase converts into a waterproof floattation device intended to help victims of sinking ships stay afloat and it was 1915 by a former sailor from alberta. oh, this is not looking good. (laughter) >> all right. the o

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